The Boy and I worked hard all summer and rewarded ourselves in September with a bit of a vacation out West. We visited friends in Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego and had a great time.


We stayed with The Boy’s lifelong friend, Josh, and his girlfriend, Boo. She is an artist so we hit up some gallery crawls, ate lots of awesome vegetarian food and sampled lots of local beer.

One of Boo’s quilts. She makes death metal inspired quilts!

We also went out with The Boy’s friend, Alice, whose partner has a boat. It was a glorious day so we hit the water for some sailing. We ran into some engine problems while trying to dock to get some ice cream on Bainbridge Island, but we had beer, food, sunshine and good company which is all you need to have a blast.

Perfect Day


Other love

Sailing mascot

Skyline from the water

After sailing I got to see my old office mate, Brian, for a drink and some of the ND game (which ended about as well as our boat ride) but it is always so good to see old friends.

San Francisco

If Seattle was chill then San Francisco was indulgent. We stayed with The Boy’s friend, John, and his girlfriend, Heather, in their awesome place in the Mission District. John and Heather are both senior execs at Apple (if you are reading this from your iPad, you can thank them) and know how to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it was coffee (pour over at Four Barrel was the best I’ve ever had), hipster brunches, rooftop bars, pirate bars, food, or wine- they were incredible hosts in showing us the finest San Francisco had to offer.

I almost stole their cat. Who was named bacon. As in “… with eggs.” Nom.

We also toured the MoMA and I got to see my good friend, Adrienne, who I worked with at NIH and her husband- I love and miss them and hope to get to Cali to see more of them.

Self portrait at the MoMA

San Diego

After San Francisco, I needed some time to unwind and recoup in San Diego. We stayed in a sleepy surf town with our friends who live on the beach.

The Boy had to work, but I spent the days relaxing in the mornings, doing something active in the afternoons and then having dinner with friends. Active things included running around Torrey Pines, taking classes at Haute Yoga and surfing. I also got to chase around really insanely cute little blond kids that we were staying with. I visited Coronado to catch up with my Antarctica friend, Natasha, and had a great time getting know one of The Boy’s oldest and dearest friends.

Torrey Pine

The vacation was absolutely perfect. The Boy is a wonderful travel partner and it was great for us to try out what it would be like to live together out West. We came back rested and happy to be home, but not tired of travelling. I think our next bout of travel will be over the holidays to see his family in Montana and I can’t wait.