Red Rocks and Red Deer Lake

I just had the most idyllic Colorado summer weekend seeing Avett Brothers at Red Rocks and backpacking to Red Deer Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Avett Brothers

Ever since I was a kid and heard Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks, Red Rocks has been mystical to me. When we found out we’d be moving to Colorado I popped open the scheduled shows, and knew I had to see the Avett Brothers. I love the Avett Brothers and they put on a fantastic show (how someone rocks out with a cello is beyond me, but they do it). Therefore, as you can imagine, the combination of Avett Brothers and Red Rocks was pretty incredible. What I didn’t anticipate was how beautiful it would be.

There was a brief rainstorm that resulted in a double rainbow

All in all, it was a night that exceeded quite high expectations.

Red Deer Lake

My college buddy invited me to join him and some other Maryland alums for camping at Greyrock and floating down the Poudre, but unfortunately our plans had to be redesigned due to the High Park fire. We instead grabbed our packs, formed a pack of pups and headed to the Indian Peaks Wilderness to camp. I’m out of shape and so I was worried that I couldn’t keep up with these Coloradans but my buddy said that the group was only hardcore about college sports and beer soI knew it would be a great time. We hiked 15 miles roundtrip, survived a freak hail storm, saw some amazing wildlife and wildflowers, and soaked up all of the beauty that Colorado had to offer.

Happy to be at Red Deer Lake

Wildflowers by the stream

Beauty was abundant

My first time seeing snow in June

Morning view from my tent

I cannot wait to explore more of Colorado’s backcountry!