Announcement: We’re Engaged!

It is with great joy that I announce that The Boy is now The Fiancé! In a perfect tribute to our adventurous spirit, he asked me to marry him at the top of a hike with an incredible view of Montana. In a perfect tribute to his wonderful absent-mindedness, he forgot his cell-phone* so we don’t have a picture to document the beauty surrounding the occasion, but thanks to the internet, this is roughly what it looked like:

One thing that I learned the hard way is that hiking down a mountain is really quite perilous when you are emotionally overwhelmed, shaky from excitement, distracted by a shiny thing, and “can’t” (ok, won’t) use your left hand on scrambles.

We spent the weekend celebrating with our family and it was so special to share our joy with so many people who are so important to us.

At the end of a hike after becoming engaged

*We later found out he had his cell phone the entire time after we asked a family to take a picture of us near the bottom of the hike and we heard his phone buzzing a minute later with the text.