Montana’s Beartooth Pass

Montana’s Beartooth Pass has been called “the most beautiful drive in America” and when we had a full day to get from Billings to Bozeman (typically a two hour drive via the highway) we decided to take a scenic detour. The pass is steep, full of switchbacks, has some of the most spectacular scenery in Montana and Wyoming, and drops you off at Yellowstone National Park.

The boy, the crazy switchbacks on the GPS and our packed car with one of our dogs (contemplating a companion blog called “Where’s Wally” as he photobombs everything)

I spent most of the drive with my jaw on the ground and my camera out the window.

Incredible views for hours

To give you an idea of just how beautiful it was, this was from my iPhone:

If you are in Montana and have an extra day, I would highly recommend this beautiful trip!