Quandary Peak: My first 14er!

I hiked Quandary Peak this weekend with some friends and checked something off my Colorado bucket list: a 14er!

Quandary is just outside of Breckenridge and has some really beautiful views of the Blue Lakes.

Trailhead and view of the Blue Lakes

We went with my friend from college, his girlfriend and a random assortment of her friends and some pooches.

The terrain was really rocky. It was miles of everything from scree to boulders. If you hike it, you should either wear good hiking boots or be one of the many mountain goats we saw right off the trail.

Mountain Goats

It took us a while to summit because we had a less experienced outdoorsperson with us, but the long day was worth it for the spectacular views.

Views from the summit

Successful Summit

We flew down the mountain nearly four times faster than we climbed and we found an incredible camping spot in the Blue Lakes. We set up camp, and then went to Breckenridge Brewery for beers and burgers. We were exhausted, but enjoyed a night by the campfire, some s’mores, and a low-key morning with friends.

Clockwise from top left: Jeeps; me and The Boy unwinding by the campfire; the beautiful stream near our camp and the moon setting behind; campfire; my college friend went exploring and found remnants of a mine at close to 12,500 feet.

Some combination of altitude, dehydration, and being out of shape made Sunday pretty tough, but it was nothing that a soak in a jacuzzi, some time in a sauna, and a good dinner couldn’t fix. Climbing Quandary reminded me of something I never understood more clearly than when I was ultrarunning: Pain is temporary, pride is forever. What a great way to spend a weekend with friends.