Had about a half an hour to squeeze in a workout and cobbled together 2 rounds of 20 seconds per exercise with 3 pound weights of this workout:

Then I added one round of Sally (see next paragraph) for squats (felt like I should do something for my lower body and knew this wasn’t enough so feebly tried to make it more difficult by pulsing when squatting) and another for low plank to high plank (felt like I should do something for core and in the process realized how hard poured concrete floors are without a yoga mat).

If you don’t know “Sally” workouts, they are the evil invention of Crossfitters who took a Moby song and told people to raise and lower their position based on when the song says “Bring Sally up” (raise) and “Bring Sally down” (lower). It can be done with pushups, squats, burpees, planks, and I’m sure crazy people do pull-ups and other things I don’t even want to imagine.

At the end my body was shaking and the dogs were rather thrilled that they got some unanticipated time on the floor with me. Combo of deceptively hard workouts and having lost some of my strength makes me think I might have problems moving my arms to lift my beer tomorrow.

*Disclaimer: Not a fitness pro and I have no fitness-related training. This is only a report of the workout I did and not a recommendation. If you chose to engage in these workouts, do so at your own risk and under the supervision of a professional (not me).